Working from home has been gaining in popularity both in Sri Lanka and abroad, and has become essential in the current situation. Many IT companies have been using work-from-home for some time, but it is new territory for other organisations.

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Although not every employee can work from home, many people who work mainly with information, e.g. sales, support, IT, accounts and management, can do so. However, ensuring that people are productive is tricky. We must also ensure that working from home does not lessen security.

Working from home technology includes

  • Communication – including text, documents, voice and video
  • Collaboration and Workflow – ensuring people in multiple remote locations work as a team.
  • Security – working from home should be as secure as working from office
  • Reporting an Monitoring – to ensure productivity and quality

We also need

  • Training – in using the applications as well as how to work from home effectively
  • Support and Crisis Management – to keep people happy, and deal with ‘situations’

You may need information, guidance and support to design, implement and operate a work from home.

Some Hints and Tips for setting up a Work From Home Facility

නිවසේ සිට වැඩකරන විට සැලකිලිමත් විය යුතු කරුණු

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FITIS is the Apex Body of the ICT sector of Sri Lanka. FITIS members can provide comprehensive and reliable solutions for your employees to work from home productively and securely.

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